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September 28, 2012
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A Hero by tamalesyatole A Hero by tamalesyatole
YAY! Twilight Missing Being The Mare Do Well Animated APNG Comic

Because who haven't used a bed cover to make a cape?

The first bit of inspiration for this comic was "Mare Do Well" by ~BonesWolbach: The aforementioned hero, on the top of a building, contemplating the people/city under her. Then the idea evolved when I read My first comic again. Some panels to establishing a mood, and then a twist, an "abrupt" turn to something funny.

Attribution Time!
●The nocturnal view of Ponyville is a modified version of the amazingly detailed "A View of Ponyville" by ~Hellswolfeh, badly obscured so it looked "at night".
●Twilight is a slightly modified version of the vector created for my comic "I wasn't prepared for that" plus a "Night Filter" taken from the SVG version of ~BonesWolbach's "Summer Campfire". There is more info.
●Spike is a slightly modified version of my "Spike is not Amused", plus a candlestick and the same Night Filter from above.
●You can find Twilight with the cape Here (Shaded) and Here (Animated).
●The background of the rest of the panels is from a single image traced from the episode "Lesson Zero". I'll post it later

Because the shading of Mare Do Well, and the light reflected in Spike's face, and the flame light itself, I decided to make this comic as an Animated PNG (APNG) instead of a GIF to avoid banding and color loss. Only Opera and Firefox can display it natively (Or with this extension for Chrome). Since the animation is not a central point of this comic, it's not really important if you can't see it; however, I'll upload a GIF later just in case. (Edit:Here it is)

I couldn't make the APNG to play well with transparencies, so the resulting file is quite big. Just give it time ;) Corrected. See Below.

Vectors created in Inkscape and animation in GIMP/APNGAsm.

Edit October 13th:
:bulletgreen:Small Grammar Fix thanks to ~Sgt-James-Byrd
:bulletgreen:Super Optimized the APNG with APNGAsm thanks to ~tranvi
:bulletgreen:GIF Version: [link]

Featured in Equestria Daily, September 29th.
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Heh, that's so awesome. :D
Actually...that's a very nice landscape of Ponyville!  How long did it take you to draw it?
tamalesyatole Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The first (top) image was done by…
I do wonder who gets more annoyed with the other on average:  Twilight or Spike?

Spike: *talks in his sleep* You are the best pony...
Twilight: *wakes up* H-huh?  Spike, what is it?
Spike: I said you ARE the best pony.  You're smart, organized, beautiful, and my life would be empty without you...
Twilight: *tears up* S-Spike...
Spike: I love you....Rarity.
Twilight: Ugh. *rolls eyes*

Spike: Huh, whuzzah?  Twilight, what's wrong?  Is Ponyville under attack?  Did Discord turn bad again?
Spike: .......seriously?
AlexKazhdan Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can totally imagine this being in the actual show. :)
Incidentally, "Summer set up" day is basically "Spring wrap up" day.  Its where the pegasi transfer a lot of water from the reservoirs in temperate areas of Equestria, to the tropical areas in a monsoon season (Temperate areas in RL have a mostly dry summer, but tropical ones tend to have a wet one).  Said tropical areas would desertify during this hot season without the torrential rains, but this also puts the earth ponies to work helping the plants adjust to sudden drop/increase in rain water, relative to where they are.  Other than that, the Princesses have the sun out for longer, which set into motion the massive transfer of water in the first place...

Summer wrap up day/Autumn set up day does not exist.  The changes made to the trees during Summer Set Up day simply set into motion the changes that will cause the leaves to dry up and change colors by the time Autumn begins.  And then the nights start getting longer...

Autumn wrap up day?  Its called the "Running of the leaves."  And that's basically it.  Oh, and to replenish the water that was taken from the temperate zones, a massive blizzard and animal hibernation is looked to in those areas.
AlexKazhdan Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
But where does snow come from? Is it made by pegasi?
yes.  Go watch "Sonic Rainboom" again.  Snowflakes are hoof made, and when Rarity blows some around with her flutter-pony wings, Rainbow comments how they'd better leave before, and I quote, "Rarity ruins winter and causes a drought."
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